Let Me Get This Off My Chest - 3 Moon Bloom
Let Me Get This Off My Chest - 3 Moon Bloom

Let Me Get This Off My Chest

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This is the story of the author, Tara Hopko on how she went from a fun, energetic, athletic women to falling into society's trap of believing she was not enough just as she was. This story will give you a glimpse into why she decided to alter her body with plastic surgery, and the devastating effects she suffered from that decision. No doctor was able to provide any answers. Those answers had to be discovered through her own research and determination. In her journey to discovering what was wrong with her, she also discovered her faith. With her strong faith in God and her inner strength, she took her first steps in taking back her life. In Tara's journey to healing, she also had to heal the insecurities that led her to this situation. She learned for the first time in her life to love herself. This story is a must read for anyone who has suffered or is suffering with Breast Implant Illness. This book will also speak to anyone who has ever been broken, doubted themselves, or felt insecure. You'll be inspired to truly love yourself for maybe the first time forever. We all have scars, seen and unseen, and we must embrace the fact we are all beautifully broken.

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